Chris Evans and Cobie Smulders - Comic Con 2014

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Robin and Marian went to grad school together. They had the same advisor and wrote on the same things and had an intense affair (romantic, sexual, intellectual, emotional), but it all fell to pieces when their adviser, Roy Richards, left for another institution, taking with him Robin but not Marian. In the end, Marian was the one who wound up with the plum r1 tt job. She was always the more diligent worker, and more willing to jump through the “bullshit” [in Robin’s words] professionalization hoops the job market demands. Robin wound up languishing too long on his dissertation, mired in perfectionism, as their erstwhile advisor became increasingly unreliable and unavailable, wrapped up in an administrative post and new projects. Five years later, after bouncing from one postdoc to another, he winds up with a one-year visiting position at Marian’s institution, which just so happens to be in Robin’s home town.

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Chris Evans & Cobie Smulders. 22

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Cobie and Chirs are shippable.


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I can’t view Jane Arthy’s twitter page, it just won’t load. This happening to anyone else?

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they’re the same…

this makes me happy

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Make me choose

cristinradnor asked: Ted x Barney or Lily x Robin?

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