Can we just appreciate his beautiful face? (x)

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grester are spooning

grester are spooning

grester are spooning

grester are spooning


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mmmmfirst - Chester See

Chester said first in a adorkable way

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holy macaroni mamrie just like my last post

the reactions during hal being a douche to mamrie though


"I was at the mall and I saw grace helbig and chester see… I was too nervous to ask for a pic but" (x)

saw the swarovski sign and first thought of wedding ring shopping, geez this ship makes me jump to conclusions

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So who else is neglecting tomorrow’s responsibilities and getting up in the middle of the night to watch the streamys?

so pumped for the streamysss


Someday I hope someone will look at me the way you look at each other 

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does anyone know if the Streamys livestream will still be able to be viewed the next day? Side note: I am so bloody excited to see Hannah and Grace host!


Watching: Orange Is The New Black
Reading: I Capture The Castle
Listening to: Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack
Working on: having two weeks peace between working 2 months straight and uni!

that's it